How to Sell a Cup of Coffee

Two things I know:

1. The secret to an awesome adventure is always an uncomfortably early start. I’ve learned this from ski days, climbing trips, epic mountain bike rides, and road trips.

2. All artists steal. Marketers steal the most. So do it, and do it shamelessly.


These two things came together for me the way water and espresso beans do… to create the copy for this ad for the Mount Currie Coffee Company’s brand new Whistler cafe.


The shout-outs belong to Lisa Ankeny of Sumire Design, who builds beautiful ads and brands, Chris Ankeny, the Coffee Maestro, whose commitment to killer Early Bird Specials, quality coffee, thoughtfully-sourced and crafted foodstuffs, and the Coast Mountains, has turned his cafe into THE pit stop/launching point for slednecks and backcountry adventurers, and finally, to Laura Ogden, a mutual friend of Chris and Lisa’s who I travelled with on a mag assignment to Revelstoke last winter. Laura spent last year working as a nurse in Mt Currie, and squeezing in quick solo laps up the Duffey before work. She called it Dawn Patrol. And like any good writer (magpie/ poet-thief), I wrote it down and vowed to steal it for myself.

Laura Ogden salutes Ranier. Photo by Ian Coble.

Confession made. Conscience clear. Coffee, anyone?

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