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  1. R Wood B says:

    Killer site, Richardson. As someone who is intimately in contact with a germ factory (toddler in daycare) I can attest to the wondrous effects of Cold FX. Last year, my monthly pharmaceutical bill from rivaled most people’s cel phone bill. Which is, incidentally, the real reason I don’t have a cel phone, not because I am living in some delusional Luddite’s dream. Anyhow, for the last cold I followed the directions on the ColdFX bottle. On day four I stopped the remedy but noticed I felt better than I have felt in about three years. (Interesting, same age as my youngster. Correlative?) Now I am wondering if it’s safe to take Cold FX all the time. Curious, I examined the ingredients label of the wonderdrug: Ginseng. Huh.

    My story can only provide anecdotal evidence. Take from it what you will. Go Team Canada!!!

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