The Army of One does Branding and Social Media Marketing for Writers

Fun to find myself at the Whistler Writers Group gathering tonight, reprising my role as social media cheerleader for nervous wildly creative writers.

Here are the notes from tonight’s crash course on branding and social media marketing, using the Whistler Readers and Writers Festival as a case study.

Yes, this overview is quick and dirty. But I spent five years longing to plant a garden, paralysed into inaction by a load of gardening books that all began with mapping out one’s property, drawing diagrams of wind and sun and rainshadow, and sending soil off for rigorous testing. I wish someone had just said to me – all that planning will come. In good time. If you are interested in growing things, then stick a seed in the earth and see what happens.

Sometimes, you just have to get your hands dirty. And see what happens.

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