Me! Me! Me! Stoking social media savvy at the Whistler Writers Festival

Honest. I’m not an egomaniac. That’s why I thought it was so funny to tell Stella Harvey, the Whistler Writers Festival director that I would present a session called “Me! Me! Me! How to build your social media savvy for wanton self-promotion.” But now the gig is imminent, (and even has a presenting sponsor in Street to Peak) I’m starting to feel that skin-crawling feeling I get when I realise I’ve committed to make a presentation. Self-promotion? Good God. Well, here’s the USP: if I can do it, anyone can.

Excited to check out the other sessions tomorrow including Mike Berard and Allie Jenkinson on Twitter for Writers, and Brian Brett on Writing Your Life.

You can check out my cheatnotes on slideshare…

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