Ripple effect of the TELUS Festival’s Black Market Photo trade finally tallied

Hi Brooks from StreetToPeak kept the Black Market Photo trade going and going, finally logging an impressive $1760 in total donations to the Whistler Children’s Centre Father Daughter Dance fundraiser on May 8.

At the final tally, $200 worth of tickets to the Olympus Pro Photographer showdown at this year’s TELUS Festival netted $3300 in charitable donations to KidSport, the Whistler Children’s Centre, the Christopher Reeve Foundation and the Paul Brunes Young Heart Foundation.

Photo by Tyler Ingramt (

The philanthropic turn was completely organic – another reason to keep things loose. Dano Pendygrasse made the initial call and it shifted the entire energy of the campaign. He later said: “I’m so glad that this idea kinda drifted towards the charitable side. It’s cool to make a little difference but even better when it feels like you’ve extended that reach through

I connected with Cathy Jewett, one of the successful bidders, after the fact, to find out why anyone would drop $1000 for 40 bucks worth of tickets, even if the show was sold out.

She explained:

“I gave to Kidsport last year for the first time. Why?  Because it was the designated charity to honour my friend Wendy Ladner-Beaudry.  Wendy and I were Telemark competitors – friendly competition.  We had children at the same time, there were many bonds.  Wendy was a good friend, incredible person – wise, humble, smart, athletic.  She was murdered while running in Pacific Spirit Park last April 3rd. We just commemorated the day with a run/walk through those trails a couple of weeks ago.

“One of Wendy’s last projects was with Kidsport.  She started a program through Lower Mainland Foodbanks to reach immigrant women.  Her theory was that if mothers became active in sport, their children would follow.

“I meant to match the donation I made last year to the Kidsport Wendy Ladner-Beaudry Fund but hadn’t gotten around to it.  When I missed out on the Pro Photog Photo Showdown tickets for the first time in at least a decade, I went searching for tickets.   Someone told me there were tickets up for grabs on the website, but they required coming up with something to doing something to trade for the tickets.  I saw that other people were giving to charities and voila – time to get those $ off to Kidsport.

“We have a Kidsport organisation right here in Whistler and many communities across Canada have chapters as well.  You might even say their goal is to give ‘all kids the right to play’.   Kidsport supports low-income kids in sport.  So wherever you live this is a great charity for those of us who find sport an important part of our lives and want to ensure everyone can bring it into theirs.”

Even when we’re playing… and maybe especially when we’re playing… we can make a difference and honour absent friends. And that’s where the ripples of one little PR campaign ended up.  Keep it loose. Keep it fulla love.

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  1. Hi Brooks says:

    Inspiring success story Lisa. It just proves that all we need is a little push in a positive direction to make a real difference in the community. Like Cathy, I had already planned my annual Steet To Peak donation (to the Whistler Children’s Center Society) and the contest pushed me to the next level.

    The truth be told, by the time I’d heard about the contest all the tickets were already spoken for so when the word was out that Mike’s tickets were up for grabs the 2nd effort was in full effect. I started with my own $550 donation and won the tickets but I had another two weeks before the fundraiser so with a few more phone calls and e-mails I raised another $1200+ after the show. (What a show!)

    I have a feeling this is just the beginning. Imagine what we can accomplish with a year to prepare for Black Market Photo 2011!



    1. elvicious says:

      Didn’t someone really inspiring, like Margaret Mead, speak to that? “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Just proves that Whistler folk really do know how to make snowballs… er, make things snowball. Nice work Hi.

  2. Hi Brooks says:

    More??? I received a message from my friends at Sitka yesterday offering up 6 free tickets to the B-Grade Horror Fest in Whistler Saturday night.

    “YES!! er, thanks but No…I’m working and my son has a pre-Halloween Party…”

    That’s when the #blackmarketphoto vibe kicked in;

    “I could give them away.”

    It’s on! The first ever #blackmarkethorrorfest is now in full effect. Six tickets, two days, one question? What are you willing to do to make this the best Halloween ever for Whistler kids?

    Details on the ‘Street To Peak’ Facebook Page. Get on it Whistler!


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