100 Days of Anything Starts With One

There’s an inspiring creative project I stumbled upon, conceived by an equally inspiring artist, called the 100 Days of Making, that has planted a little seed in my “oh my, I do not have enough time to do the BIG things I really want to do…” mind.

Big things (write novel, become President of the Galactic Federation, save the world, host dinner party for 20 of my closest friends) are intimidating like that.

But, when I’d ask my agency colleague and Wellness Almanac contributor Gary Martin how he mentally prepared to race his first IRONMAN last summer, he said that he simply broke it down into manageable chunks. “Okay, now I’m going to run a 10km,” he’d think. “And now I’m going to run the second 10km.” And so on and so on until he was a certified superhuman.


The 100 Days of Making project can still be undertaken.

Screen shot 2015-07-19 at 1.29.18 PM

You just start. And you keep going for the next 100 days. The duration makes starting small (so often my sticking point, “aaargh, I don’t have time to do this big thing, so why even start?”) not pointless. Starting small is the opposite of pointless. It’s actually smart.


Anyone who has ever been given a sobriety pin knows the power of a single day, built on top of another day, and another, and another.


Where might one day lead you?


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