How to be a checklist Ninja

The first item on Alexandra Franzen’s to-do list for Thursday was drink two big glasses of water. We overlook the easy wins when crafting our to-do lists, says the author of the newly released The Checklist Book, and we shouldn’t: when we accomplish something, even something small, that feeling of satisfaction stimulates the body to…

Progress Report: the 3 Item To Do List

A 50-item list, no matter how helpful or authoritative it purports to be, is about, oh, 47 entries too long to be useful… Keep it to 3.  The Power of Lists: Productivity’s Secret Weapon. So, how’s that coming? Hmm. Thought as much.

The Power of Lists: Productivity’s Secret Weapon

When my father-in-law first left us in Home Renovation Wilderness, he was worried. But he had to let us fall out of the nest on our own, so he distilled all his worry and advice to this: Every day, make a to-do list. Start it fresh, every single day. On a clean sheet of paper….